In Perfect Love & Perfect Trust

In Perfect Love & Perfect Trust

Witchcraft 101: Magickal Herbs

My calico cat, Baby, and a magickal concoction of oils & potions n' stuff!

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1) Green Witchcraft: Herbs & Planetary Connections

Old school Witchcraft 101…those of you who’ve thrown some magickal energy around (in a good way, of course), cast a few circles, chanted a few chants, those who have walked this path for any length of time and tapped into the magickal realm of witchcraft and wizardry, are going to be familiar with the information in this blog post, but be patient with me.  This post is for the new kids on the block.  (Better than being patient, why don’t you add your magickal two cents to this post with a comment by leaving some of your own wisdom for new witches to pick up on, things you’ve learned through your own experience and practice…thank you in advance.)

2) Sex & Green Witchcraft: Getting Down and Dirty

Witchcraft is all about dealing with issues in life and creating change in those areas through the movement of energy resulting in manifestation in the physical world. Sex is one of those whopping big issues, or it can be if things are not all hunky dory in the bedroom. Whatever the issues might be, whether it’s not enough passion, an overload of sex drive, infidelity, or a desire to catch your prince charming, you can find what you need to cast spells for hot sex, no sex, or only-with-me sex in the world of herbs and green witchcraft...

3) Magickal Herbs: Myrrh, Sandalwood, Carnation

The following herbs share the energy and power to heal.  Although these herbs have healing powers in common, they also contain individual energies, which can be used in a variety of spells...

This page is a work-in-progress.  I'll continue to add magickal information, personal craft experiences, spells, and juicy Craft tidbits and how-to's as time allows.