In Perfect Love & Perfect Trust

In Perfect Love & Perfect Trust

Coven Loyalty

I’ve thought a lot about the aspect of coven membership that centers around ‘loyalty’. Although I would never presume to tell coven members who they can or cannot have as friends outside the coven, there are aspects of loyalty that may be affected when former coven members continue a relationship with coven members. I’m sure that there are people who can continue such a friendship with no conflict of interests or loyalty, and then there are those who may have more of an issue with these matters.

There are a lot of aspects within this type of situation that comes into play.

First, this is an online coven-- right off the bat, we lose that unique closeness that is going to be experienced by intimate face-to-face contact and physical interaction. We are not a coven that requires members to take long and arduous studies before receiving full membership; on the contrary, we respect the wide spectrum of paths and practices that each member brings with them to this group. A formal ceremony of ritual is not required to swear an oath to this coven; it’s all very informal and the most you had to do to be accepted into this group is to answer a few questions about yourselves. We do not have tight schedules and requirements for participation in online rituals or ceremonies, or even chats; just the opposite, we bend over backwards to make participation as comfortable and convenient to each coven member as is possible.

But what should not be lost in all of this is the fact that Bristolwicks is indeed a coven in every sense of the word. We consider ourselves ‘Sisters’, we know that there is a code of silence that is to be expected and respected regarding coven activities, as well as intimate details of our sisters’ lives when they have opened up and come to the group for advice or just to vent. The bottom line is that your coven sisters and their feelings should come first, outweighing individuals who are outside of our common circle. Those people outside this sacred space may be friends, and a few of them you might even consider sisters…but they are not your Coven Sisters, and this is where your loyalty lay, as a member of Bristolwicks.

 In order for us all to experience the connection expected in a group such as this-- we have to feel complete trust in each other. We all have to feel that any one of our coven sisters would have our back, would stand up for us, would defend us to the world, and would defend the space that is Bristolwicks itself-- as virtual as this space may be. The sense of loyalty to this online coven is just as important and all encompassing as it would be if we were a physical coven. Without a sense of loyalty and absolute trust, there can be no feeling of true sisterhood, no real bond of faith and practice, no sense of security. And it is these things which all of us should expect-- and receive-- from our membership here.

In days of old, we would have passed the chalice, pricked our fingers, and added our blood to the common cup-- and whether you realize it or not-- this is exactly what is done when you are accepted into this Sisterhood.

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